Why have a turnstile in your own backyard?

Well, you never know who’s going to show up. Or it depends on just what event you’re planning on organizing. And just because it’s just a sweet little country or church community affair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be utilizing a security turnstile. Because, again, you just never know who’s going to show. And you can never be too careful these days.

Also, you’d be surprised. You may be modest in your expectations, but what if you’ve organized your marketing material in such a good way that pretty much everyone in town shows up. How you’re going to control the crowds then. And just because it’s a small town and decent folk who go to church every Sunday showing up, doesn’t mean that things won’t get out of hand.

For every fifty folks, and the kids that tag along with them, there may be one decrepit soul among them. All those nice stalls your volunteers put many hours into setting up could be upset, like an apple cart. Only the cash tray will go with it in the ruckus. So, it’s a small town affair then. Just one security turnstile may suffice then.

Of course, the bigger and better your friendly bash is, the more turnstiles you may need. Five hundred folks from all walks of life is a big show indeed. Do four turnstiles sound like enough? We can’t answer that for you right now, perhaps only you can. And if you can’t either, you’ll be talking to those security experts who specialize in large gatherings who can advise you accordingly.

Apart from visible turnstiles, you should also factor in those muscled beefcakes who come armed, if necessary. They’re in touch with the cops too if things get out of hand.