Steps Libraries Should Take to Save Money in Chicago

The City of Chicago is going through some challenging economic times and every department needs to find cost savings. Libraries are able to save a considerable amount of money by making sure their books are well maintained. In the event that a book comes back damaged instead of purchasing a new one they could have it restored by the most cost effective book restoration Chicago has available. By restoring the books the library is able to reduce some of their expenses.

Additional Cost Saving Measures

A very effective way to reduce the labor costs associated with operating a library is to get the community involved. By identifying and engaging volunteers to help with placing books on the shelves and handling customer inquiries the library will be able to reduce one of its biggest financial liabilities namely staff wages.

Hosting Charity Book Sales

When the library has to sell off some of its books due to limited capacity these books can be offered to the public at discounted prices. By having this sale every month or quarter the library is able to generate additional income which can help reduce the taxpayer burden.

Offering Educational Courses

Another potential source of income is offering educational courses at the library. What the library can do is charge the educational institution providing the training a rental fee. This is another potential revenue stream as the library looks for cost savings. While all of this may seem like gloom and doom it shows the value a library offers society. Without it people would not be able to get access to the information they need to better themselves. If you want to help your library, use their facilities more often. The government uses a formula to fund libraries and a big component of that formula is the number of people using the library services.